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Test driving the drinks

So we decided to put the experiments into practice and have a cocktail party, which I think went pretty well. Recipes of the drinks that made the cut to follow. The dogs were big fans of the extra attention.

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1.5 oz Blackstrap Rum .75 oz Cherry Heering 0.5 oz Frangelico 2 dashes Chocolate Bitters Shake ingredients well with ice, pour over a large ice cube in a rocks glass. Top with seltzer water and stir gently. NOTES: Interesting direction, but in the end, too much rich molasses flavor. Needs to be a little less […]

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So, we are having a cocktail party, and need a metric crapload of ingredients for the drinks we’ve decided on serving. This is the finished product, and since a few people have asked for a recipe here and there, This is going to be the full clearinghouse for all of them. Full list of recipes […]

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